Fredrickson Financial

Why Fredrickson Financial Planning?

Fredrickson Financial Planning is a fee-only advisory practice based in Brooklyn, NY. There are many financial advisors you can pick from, but few who can offer as smart a blend of advantages as we provide.

We are objective
In addition to a legal obligation to act in the client’s best interest, we have no financial incentive to do otherwise. As fee-only financial advisors, we receive our compensation from the clients and receive no payments from mutual fund companies or other vendors.
We are experienced
We have created dozens of financial plans for people of different means.
We work on an hourly basis
While some clients prefer to have us manage their assets, others find it more cost-effective to pay strictly for hourly advice that they can implement themselves.
Our fees are transparent
By unbundling the cost of in-depth financial planning and asset management, we allow clients to pay only for the help they are actually receiving.
We have a strong network
We are part of the national Garrett Planning Network and Garrett Investment Advisors, so we access to a wealth of information and experts.