Fredrickson Financial

How it Works

What we offer—financial planning for New York area residents—is accomplished through a few simple exchanges of information that can yield a lifetime of rewards.

1 Contact us to discuss our services. We will provide introductory material.
2 If you are interested, we will schedule a no-cost Get Acquainted Meeting.
3 During the Get Acquainted Meeting, we will exchange information and discuss the scope of services and a fee. If we mutually decide to proceed, you will pay half of the fee. We will supply you with a checklist of items we need to work on your plan.
4 When we receive the items on your checklist, we will follow up with any questions, schedule an Intermediate Meeting and begin to develop your financial plan.
5 During the Intermediate Meeting, we will clarify your goals, go over any remaining questions either of us have and schedule the Presentation Meeting.
6 At the Presentation Meeting, we will provide our written recommendations and discuss our service options for implementation:
  1. You implement the plan. We recommend you schedule checkup meetings with us every 6 or 12 months.
  2. We help you implement the plan. Hourly rates apply. We recommend you schedule a checkup meeting every 6 to 12 months.
  3. We implement and manage your portfolio. Fees based on assets under management. The ball is in our court to make sure you are in sync with your plan.