Fredrickson Financial

Planning Services

Whether you live in the Bronx or Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens - or certainly Manhattan - you will recognize this for what it is - a menu. But these are just the specials. If your needs aren't addressed here, we can prepare something just for you.

Broad-based Financial Plans
Typical cost: $1,200 to $3,600, depending on complexity. Topics can include:
  • Am I spending too much?”
  • “At what age can we retire?”
  • “How can I increase my after-tax income?”
  • “Are we saving enough for college?”
  • “How should we collect Social Security?”
  • “Can I buy a new home?”
  • “Should I take a lump sum or a pension?”
  • “How can I leave a legacy?”
  • “Do we need life insurance? How about long-term care?”
  • “Should I cash in my options and restricted stock?”
College Funding
$500 per child.
  • “Are we saving enough for college?”
  • “How should we save, how should we invest?”
  • Help applying for financial aid and completing FAFSA college aid form.
Portfolio Review and Recommendations
Typical cost: $480 to $1,440, depending on complexity. Includes review of and recommendations for investments in 401(k) and other retirement accounts.
Cost: $500. You provide us with all the relevant information one week ahead of time and we will discuss for one hour and follow up with a written report.
Specific Goals
Costs vary. Hourly rate: $240.

These are examples only; please review our Form ADV 2A Disclosure Brochure for more information on our services and fees.